10 Creative Website Design Ideas for Small Businesses

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Web Design | 0 comments

It may be difficult for small businesses to compete with the big shots in the same industry, but anyone can do it. You may consider some of these creative website design ideas for small businesses to help enhance your online presence. A good website is one of the most effective tools that you can use to make your business known. An effective website can help a lot in attracting potential clients. However, you need to be certain that you will be able to reach out to the right audience.

Here are some ideas that you may use when developing or improving your website.

1. Create a Website that Looks Fun

Don’t expect visitors to take their sweet time browsing through your website that only shows chunks of text and different slideshows of images and photos that don’t offer much information. People tend to quickly get bored when they don’t see or read anything substantial. Take note that most users’ attention span usually last less than 9 seconds.

You need to keep your audience engaged by offering compelling content coupled with the right images or relevant, fun illustrations. That way, you will be able to grab the attention of your visitors for a longer period and even make them drop by more often.

2. Share a Story

Don’t fabricate a non-existent tale of success or loss when you share a story. People will be able to see whether you are just saying things to gain an audience. Tell stories of triumph that are related to the products you are offering.

3. Make It Clear

The layout should be clear, easy to navigate, and not confusing. The content should be straight to the point and avoid beating around the bush. Customers want to know the benefits and advantages that they can get out of your products or services. You may explain the different features of the things you offer but make it brief and simple. Avoid using too much jargon.

4. Put Some Videos

If you are selling gadgets or electronic products, a video on how to assemble or maintain them can help your customers a lot. You may also include a short video about your company. Make sure that your customers will find the videos informative and helpful.

5. Choose Fonts that are Reader-Friendly

It is necessary to choose fonts that anyone can read easily. Some fonts are beautiful to look at but difficult to read. Use only 2 or 3 font styles to use so you can maintain the professional look of your website. Also, it is necessary to use different font sizes when you want to emphasize or highlight something important. You may also use different font sizes for your headers.

6. Stick to Your Color Scheme

It is best to stick to the colors associated with your brand to make your products linger for a long time in the memories of your potential customers. As much as possible, avoid incorporating colors that might remind your visitors of your competitors. When they visit your website, they should only think of your brand and nothing else. You may include other colors to create harmony and prevent monotony.

7. It Must be Well-Structured

It is vital to come up with a well-structured website. It means that everything on your website is well-organized – content, layout, images, and others. Your visitors must find everything on your website easy on the eyes, and they should feel comfortable browsing through the different web pages.

8. Animate Things

You may include short animated texts or clips that can help bring out a certain charm and appeal to your website. It can help pique the curiosity of visitors and make them stay a bit longer.

9. Use Photos or Images of High-Quality

High-quality images and photos never fail to attract the eyes of potential customers. Blurred or second-rate photos and images may likely fade from the memories of people who may never bother knowing more about the products. People want to see a captured image of the product as if they are actually looking at it in person. No one may take a second look at the products with poor images.

10. Put the White Spaces to Good Use

If you want your audience to focus their attention on the image of your product, you may surround the picture of your product with white space. That way, the visitors will get drawn to the image or picture and nothing else. The white space can also help create a clutter-free and well-organized website.

These creative website design ideas for small businesses are just some of the great concepts that you may consider for your website design.